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LMS Infrastructure & System Administrator

Full Time

Skill requirements:
  1. Identify and fulfill client needs related to topology, infrastructure and design of Moodle LMS applications and their supporting plugins.
  2. Answering questions related to the Moodle LMS system and its supporting plugins asked by the client.
  3. Installing, upgrading the Moodle LMS system and its supporting plugins according to standards to meet client needs.
  4. Monitoring the performance of the Moodle LMS infrastructure and system along with its supporting plugins on the client so that it remains optimal.
  5. Analyze the cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to improve the Moodle LMS system and its supporting plugins.
  6. Create Documentation & Work Reports for each project or Task
  7. Implement work standards and procedures in every work implementation.
  8. Always up-to-date with all changes in Infrastructure technology (Cloud & On-Premise) as well as Moodle LMS technology systems and trends and their supporting plugins.
Skill requirements:
  1. High School / Bachelor’s Degree from all major
  2. Male/Female
  3. 25-30 years old
  4. Have a good communication & interpersonal skill
  5. Able to presentinformation effectively and persuasively to customer
  6. Experience in IT
  7. Ability to communicate in English preferable 
  8. Able to work in a team & able to work under pressure
  9. Placement in Jakarta

Account Manager

Full Time

Software Developer

Full Time

Skill requirements:
  1. A good level of written and verbal English (mandatory).
  2. Experience with LAMP stack.
  3. Experience of using and implementing Moodle.
  4. Experience of working with Moodle LMS.
  5. Experience of developing and supporting Moodle plugins.
  6. Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is desirable.
  7. Good knowledge of hybrid mobile apps framework (Ionic, Cordova).
  1. Hybrid Working (WFA & WFO based in Jakarta Barat)